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Singing, Musicianship, Composition

Ready to take your music to the next level? Want a safe, gentle, and fun learning environment, where your sensitivity is honored and your superpowers are nurtured?
Drawing on decades of training and work as a professional classical and church musician, not to mention years of spiritual and emotional development (or, as one singer friend put it, "A lot of crying,"), I can help you sing and create more easily, effectively, and in tune with your spirit. <3
I can help with:
Vocal technique -- enjoy singing the music you love freely, smoothly, and without tension in your body! Adjust easily for solo and ensemble singing. I know intimately the struggles and the joys of training and singing as a soloist and a chorister, and can help you master the tools that help me in this ongoing journey.

Sight-singing -- whether you want to join a fast-paced choral ensemble or harmonize with your friends, sight-singing is a magical portal that lets you instantly sing all those beautiful new songs you didn't know you knew, just by peeking at the page!

Musicianship -- deepen your musical understanding and expression for singing, playing, or writing music, by honing your musicianship -- harmonic and structural analysis, ear training, counterpoint, voice-leading, and more. Tap into the eternal joys of these dimensions of music, which so sadly can feel dry or daunting when taught in high-pressure school environment.
Composition -- get your musical visions onto the page and into the world -- solo songs, choral-instrumental anthems; whatever your heart imagines. Tap into your creative flow, sculpt and develop your ideas with effective text-setting, melodic shaping, voice-leading, counterpoint, and the other aesthetic arts of writing.

To learn more about my musical work and background, please visit

Sensitive Musicianship Coaching

Free Exploratory Session

Musical Coaching

Reduced-fee Sessions 
(by application)

A free 60-minute video session to try out my musical coaching in any of the areas above, and discuss questions, concerns, and intentions.

A 60-minute video session to support your journey in any of the musical areas above. Sign up below or contact me.

In case of financial hardship, I encourage you to apply for a reduced-fee package. Feel free to contact me for details, or sign up for a free exploratory session if you haven't yet.

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