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My Approach

A typical support session might involve

some of the following:

  • Addressing internal obstacles to your goals

    • e.g. rebellious or sabotaging parts of you that are not on board with your dreams; anxiety, self-doubt and other difficult emotions; limiting beliefs

  • Overcoming traumatic memories and after-effects of negative experiences (whether conscious or subconscious)

    • e.g. lack of support + encouragement as a child; emotional or physical disrespect and harm​

  • Releasing inherited/cultural burdens 

    • e.g. ​perfectionism, low self-esteem, fear of being seen/heard

My purpose in coaching is to help people bring more love, clarity, confidence, faith, and beauty into their lives and relationships. I am here to help you find greater ease and comfort on your journey, wherever your soul calls you, whether you are traveling solo or as part of a partnership, family, or community. 


The therapeutic tools I use most come from Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy and Energy Psychology -- in particular, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), also known as “tapping”. I also use Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication (NVC) technique, for work with couples as well as individuals. I have many years of experience using these techniques for myself and with clients, and I combine them with other tools and paradigms I've gathered from psychology, philosophy, spiritual tradition, and life experience. 

  • Improving boundaries, communication, and discernment in your relationships

  • Helping you create effective rituals to care for yourself, your inner world, and your relationships

    • e.g. learning how to rest and relax; imagining or remembering ways to restore your soul; listening to your body​

  • Exploring ways to address external challenges 

    • e.g. healthy ways to engage with or change your social and other media, relationships, academic/work environment, living environment

  • Helping you clarify, practice, and deepen your faith​​​​ and life purpose(s)

    • e.g. allowing you space to ponder, pray, imagine, and reflect on art, literature, scriptures, ​past experiences, your intuition, and other sources of inspiration and guidance

I hope in my virtual office you will feel safe and supported to think, feel, and believe authentically, with no part of yourself or your values being judged or rejected, but rather embraced with respect and  curiosity, wherever you are on your journey. And I hope to help you cultivate this kind of environment in your daily life, so you that you can journey with comfort and ease in your vocation. I am excited to support you in this, and thereby to help you bring forth all the metaphorical and metaphysical songs you're called to sing in this life, in whatever choirs, clinics, communities, or families you intend to build up.


                                                                "If life turns bad, God will make it good"

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