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About me

The journey of a soul called to minister to humanity through acts of beauty, healing, and other forms of spiritual leadership is precious to me because it's my own, and because it's the journey of many people whose work or way of living has shaped, touched, and in many ways saved my life. While I have been blessed with countless opportunities, resources, and loving relationships throughout my life, this earthly journey of my soul has also been marked with angst, confusion, discouragement, and at times spiritual desolation.


I am well acquainted with the joys and struggles of being a highly sensitive person raised in a bicultural environment full of love, curiosity, and humor along with much conflict, emotional dysregulation, and spiritual confusion. While often praised for being talented and high-achieving, I often felt grossly inadequate, deeply anxious, unsure of my purpose, and pulled in too many directions of potential vocations, relationships, causes, cultural identities, and systems of belief. I didn't feel I belonged anywhere, and my longings felt painfully mismatched with my reality. As I drifted in this manner through my adolescence and early adulthood, music was consistently and uniquely a source of comfort, wonder, and creativity for me. 

Through various people and experiences, but especially through singing sacred music, working through emotional traumas and patterns in therapy, and forming spiritual friendships with guides and mentors, my life as a whole, and especially the state of my spirit, has become more and more joy-filled and anchored. It has become more focused on worship, love, healing, and all the central aspects of my purpose, which have come into much greater focus and vibrancy. My daily life is filled not only with awesome beauty and blessings, but with a rich awareness of them, and gratitude to their source. When challenging and painful situations arise, I feel equipped to grow through them with a poetic perspective and an abiding sense of the Spirit that abides in me, without losing hope or my sense of faith; without being so far tossed out to sea, away from my purpose, in the throes of emotions and ideas too dark and strong to see past. 

It's difficult to put these things into words, especially without going into far too much detail for an introduction. But I'm deeply grateful for the growth and healing that I've experienced, which let me engage more fully and joyfully with my life as the true artistic and spiritual person that I am. These experiences inspire and inform my work with clients, as does my ongoing personal work and study with the various therapists, coaches, teachers, faith leaders, energy workers, and others who support my journey.

Given what I've experienced, one of the sweetest feelings to me is supporting other people’s journeys of faith, creativity, and love; being a sort of spiritual flight attendant -- helping people find comfort, ease, and flow in their journey. It's why I went to social work school, and it’s why I spend time every week meeting with clients and continuing to learn and practice new skills to enhance my work. 


In essence, my vocation is to help turn the world heavenward through instances of beauty — through the beauty of divine praise in music and art, the beauty of inspiration and transformation of hearts, and the beauty of my clients’ varied work and ways of being in the world, whose journeys I am here to support. My current creative and spiritual life includes various practices of prayer, meditation, energy work, performing, composing, building community, and always seeking new messages of inspiration and beauty to enjoy and share with others. I'm happy to answer any questions that might be helpful to you, and to give more specifics about my life and perspectives, if it's helpful to you. You can find details below about my education and training.


- Audrey Fernandez-Fraser

About Me: About
Credentials and Education

Certified Professional Coach

Whole Person Coach training 2018-19

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) NY

In social work practice since 2017

Internal Family Systems Therapy

Trained and in practice since 2017

Program Assistant for Level-1 training in 2018


Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

Level 1 and 2 trained, 2020 (ACEP)

Yeshiva University, MSW

Wurzweiler School of Social Work, 2017

American Bach Soloists (ABS)

Summer Academy, 2013

European American Musical Alliance (EAMA)

Summer Institute

Conducting (2011); Composition (2010)

Yale University, M.Div, ISM Certificate

Divinity School and Institute of Sacred Music, 2016

Harvard College, BA

Bachelors in Human Evolutionary Biology

Secondary Field in Music, 2011

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